In individual, couples and group psychotherapy, I aim to foster a warm, nurturing environment in order to create a safe space for deep and thoughtful introspection. Together, you and I will work to better understand your present concerns and how your earlier experiences affect your current problem. It is through this deepened insight that you will achieve more flexibility in your approach to life's challenges.

I was trained in psychodynamic psychotherapy and believe that our past influences our current experiences. Through ongoing therapy, I help individuals and couples gain insight into patterns of behaviors, feelings and thoughts. Because therapy occurs within a relationship, I will discuss what is going on in the therapeutic relationship as a lens into the dynamics of other relationships. I think of the therapeutic relationship as a collaboration in which we work together to deepen understanding in a setting of open dialogue and mutual respect.


My practice provides adults and adolescents with individual, couples and group psychotherapy to which I bring my unique philosophy.

individual therapy

I treat individuals with a number of concerns including depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, life transitions, sexuality or sexual orientation issues, chronic medical illness and more. Individual therapy is used to increase self-awareness, minimize distress and enhance quality of life.

couples therapy

Couples therapy serves to address a variety of concerns such as improving communication, establishing a more meaningful connection, managing separation/divorce, infidelity, and coping with life transitions (e.g., marriage or family planning). Couples often come to therapy feeling a lack of intimacy and connection. We work to recognize and alter the causes of disconnect. The focus is on the relationship and serves to deepen personal understanding and growth. 

group psychotherapy

Group therapy is a powerful vehicle for growth and change. It helps people gain support, increase self-awareness, and learn new ways to cope with personal and interpersonal challenges. It is offered as either a sole treatment or in addition to individual therapy.