Training & Consultation



As the co-director of Prentice, I train psychotherapists on the business of private psychotherapy practice. During the past 10 years, I have offered professional development seminars to local training programs and have seen how eager new professionals are to grow their business acumen. While graduate training prepares us to help others in our clinical work,  it neglects to teach the business of psychotherapy practice. Recent clinical graduates often feel excited at the prospect of private practice, but feel overwhelmed to make the leap. Prentice offers concrete support and resources to help you build a meaningful and financially viable private practice. 



As a clinical supervisor, I offer both individual and group supervision to clinicians at all stages of professional development. I think of supervision as a collaboration and aim to provide a space where clinicians can continue to develop their own unique style. I conduct supervision using an affectively-based psychodynamic model, paying attention to the conscious and unconscious material that arises. Working together, we explore the complexity of the treatment, providing an opportunity to deepen the understanding of unconscious processes within the client/therapist relationship.


Since 2007, I have served as adjunct faculty at the Georgetown University's Counseling and Psychiatric Services. I currently teach a course on psychodynamic psychotherapy to pre- and post-doctoral trainees. Additionally, in 2015, I taught a short course at the Institute of Contemporary Psychotherapy & Psychoanalysis (ICP&P) on the importance of thoughtful collaboration between individual and couple's therapists. I also teach professional development seminars and offer supervision groups to new professionals.